Dinsmoor Sheepskins

Welcome to Dinsmoor Sheepskins! Our website was taken offline when our server was taken. This is a bare-bones stop-gap shopping page that allows me to operate my business in a limited fashion, to take sales and donations. If you make a donation, thank you! If you purchase an item, make sure to email me at [email protected] just in case I missed it. This way of selling is very different from my Woocommerece site.
Please allow for a few days to process your order, as it is no longer streamlined.

Tyler's Legal Defense Fund

GiveSendGo's payment processor Stripe pressured GiveSendGo to terminate the fundraiser campaign (https://www.givesendgo.com/dinsmoor). Tyler can accept direct donation with the button below via Credit Card with the same payment processor that has stuck with his company Dinsmoor Sheepskins since the beginning.

Legal Defense Fund Donation

Our Products and Services

Primarially we make sheepskin rugs. These vary in size and color, and generally cost $250. We also make things out of the sheepskin, such as hats and loincloths. Other parts of the animal are also used or for sale, such as candles made from the horn of a ram, or the skulls.

Tyler also makes all kinds of stuff, and takes special orders on the regular. Things like high quality knives, blacksmithed goods, or anything really.

About Dinsmoor Sheepskins

We are a family tannery. We turn the skins of dead animals into preserved works of art, and most of the skins we do are from sheep. We get the sheepskins locally from our island and the surrounding counties, and everything is sourced and made domestically.

This family business is for the glory of God, and a heritage to leave to our children. Tyler Dinsmoor is the owner, and we are not ashamed to profess our belief in the Word of God, the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Contact Information

Emails may be sent to [email protected], for any product inquiries or questions.