.264 Video Troubles with cheap-o Chinkland IP Cameras – For Windows

I have a SV3C camera that has a built-in SD card slot where you can store video without needing an external recorder.

It stores the video in files with a “.264” extension, however these are not directly playable with VLC.

I used the source code here: Fix264 Source Code

And built a binary for Windows, you can get here: Fix264 Command Line For Windows

I just plugged the gentleman’s source code into Visual Studio, ignored some depreciation errors, and compiled a binary.

You use it like this in a command prompt (example):

C:\Users\me\Downloads\fix264\fix264.exe my_raw_video.264

That will output some files, the ones you will use are the .wav and the .h264. You can get ffmpeg built for Windows to merge these files into an mp4 container for easy distributing/storage/viewing.

ffmpeg.exe -i my_raw_video.h264 -i my_raw_video.wav -c:v copy -c:a aac -map 0:v:0 -map 1:a:0 my_finished_video.mp4

I think this should work on 99% of all Windows and probably with Wine on Linux and MacOS. It doesn’t use any special libraries, just the standard C++ ones. Audio does not come out well for me, but I think my camera is just shitty. If you see anything wrong here, or it doesn’t work for you, or you want to say thanks, please let me know at contact@dinsmoor.us.

I did not create the program, only built its source for Windows. I am tradtionally a GNU/Linux guy, but a client of mine needs to use this software to use his camera. Also the FOSS scene got pretty POZZED and WOKE, and I don’t want much to do with those degenerate communities anymore.

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