Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.

Matthew 27:25

You see, the (false) Jews killed Jesus Christ after years and years of disobedience and maliciousness. God sent Jesus to offer a new way to save them from the horrors of hell, and the Jews rejected him. Christians (who are saved) replaced the Jews as God’s chosen people, the Apostle Paul talks about this in Romans a lot.

Because of their hatred of Jesus Christ, they are going to burn in hell. Their punishment for repeated disobedience was to be cast out among the nations. For almost two thousand years, they have been ‘guests’ to other nations, never having their own soil.

While living among other people, they’ve been righteously persecuted for their affairs in degeneracy:

  • Usury (Interest-based banking)
  • Pornography
  • Genocide (Holodomor)
  • Promotion of Faggotry
  • War Profiteering
  • Destruction of the Family
  • Promotion of Immigration (Ethnic Replacement)
  • Murder/Sacrifice of Non-Jew Children to Satan (Molech)

I have no love for the Jews, because of what the Bible says, and what I can see with my own eyes in my own country. Almost every time something on that above list is happening in my country, the person promoting or responsible for it is Jewish.

I also don’t have to provide an extensive list of undeniable proof because: IT DOESN’T WORK. Go find it somewhere else. All you have to do is look up the person who is in charge of something bad happening in the country, and check if they have a Jewish background or spouse. A pattern emerges.

Those normal people who are indoctrinated by the system can look evidence straight in the face and it will not even phase them. They’ll parrot the same “anti-Semitic” or “racist” or “hateful” line and continue drinking their Starbucks and cut their dick off.

Truth is powerful if people are willing to listen. I wish it was possible to tell them that murdering children is wrong and have them stop, but they see it differently, so I see them differently.