About Us

We are a New Independent Fundamental Baptist family of believers who run a small home tannery. Our specialty is woolskins (sheepskins) and other things made from sheep, or use a component of sheep. We put the King James Bible (the inerrant Word of God) first in our home and our business, and are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the son of the Living God.

Although we raise our own small flock of sheep, most of our raw sheepskins are sourced from our local geography surrounding Whidbey Island, Washington. Almost all of our sheepskins come from a 50 mile radius of our tannery. We are looking to expand sourcing for our sheepskins, and are hiring.

We use high quality professional processes and tools, and are well educated in the chemistry of tanning. We know how to make a high quality product without having a large processing facility. Constantly improving and adding to our tools, you can expect our products to meet and exceed expectations.

We are a part of the Parallel Christian Economy, a movement that aims to gain a degree of financial independence from the Christ-hating world, and also to make friendships and promote brotherhood between the Sons of God.

We love our God, our family (spiritual and blood), and our craft. We are thankful for the gifts of God, and the strength he gives us day to day. We are thankful for our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Thank you for choosing Dinsmoor Sheepskins and standing in the gap with us amidst this wicked and adulterous generation.