I traded in my 2510H for the 2515H in April 2021 at Farmers Equipment Company in Burlington, WA. Machine costs about $25k new. As of writing I have about 27 hours on it.

Don’t mind the ass end hanging off and my ugly shop.


It’s about twice the size of my smaller tractor, and actually runs and drives, and feels like it’s more of a beast. It still has the smallest-in-frame-size motor of 25HP, and you notice lack of power in the highest hydrostatic gear range for transit. Really struggles to keep top speed with any sort of uphill travel. In lower gears it doesn’t matter as much, but really you can only get any work done in the lowest gear. The engine simply doesn’t have the power to drive both the wheels and the front loader into a pile. I should have bought the 30 or 35 horse model, but it’s fine, I just have to work a bit slower.

The smaller engine makes the 6 gallon tank last a long time, though.


It does feel good to drive. The front wheels are wider than the rear, which makes it kind of annoying to travel in tight spaces but it pays off because of the increase in stability.

First thing noticing while getting it was the air cushion seat. Really a very nice feature compared to the rock-solid seat of my 2510H. World of a difference. Doesn’t feel like you got the shit kicked out of you after 8 hours of operating.

Front Loader

Very powerful, and dangerous to your tractor if you try to pick up something too heavy. I actually bent the vertical arms that come off the chassis while my bucket caught some wood I dumped in a sand pile and forgot about. Tractor didn’t really complain much, just made a “ping” noise and now it’s all bent out of shape. Not sure if that’s going to be covered by warranty or not yet. It’s not harming anything on the tractor right now so I’ll just make sure the arms are well greased.

The bucket is pretty big and can carry a lot of dirt. The float function has a bit too much down pressure for my liking, only useful to drag backwards, and even then on uneven terrain your front end will lift up.

I think the front loader is the weakest part of this frame. They’re capable, but they need to be stronger.

Back End/PTO/3-point

I have yet to use it as of writing because my backhoe is still attached.


I did get the BH150 backhoe attachment for this, and it’s pretty awesome. It’s by no means comparable with a big old Ford or Cat backhoe by any means, but it does tug at roots and breaks up soil well. Mine did not come with a thumb so I haven’t tried picking up any boulders. It can dig about 6′ below the machine, I dug out a root cellar with it and it saved my back. I wish I bought it earlier, and just the labor savings.

I did have a warranty issue with a hydraulic hose for the dipperstick rupturing. Farmer’s Equipment Company had someone out the next work day to replace it.


I will update at 50/300 hours for stuff like oil and filters.

Greasing is fine, I would recommend a DeWalt electric cordless grease gun and one of those quick disconnect couplers. The backhoe’s swing cylinders should have their fittings replaced with right angles if they don’t have them already.


Feels reasonably safe and I have not ever felt like I was going to tip over. I like that the seatbelt is retractable, and there is a metal plate guard between the linkages and the operator’s seat.

I don’t have short legs by any means, but the pedals do feel like they’re too far forward. I like to sit upright very close to the controls so I can see well. That puts my knee very close to the cruise control button and I have hit it a couple times. That’s not very safe.

This tractor does not require the brake/clutch to be engaged to start the engine, a safety issue with my kids around if they try to mess with it.

It is hard to see where your bucket/forks are from the operator’s seat. I often have to put the seat back and stand on the operator’s platform to be able to see what I’m doing. Do that at your own risk.


It’s a capable tractor, especially for the price.

Lots of room on the fenders to bolt a lunch box to!

With the backhoe attachment, really takes it to the next level and operates as a nice heavy counterweight.

Fuel tank is on the side, making it less of a pain to fuel with canisters.


Lack of power for the lower power horse engines, but that’s to be expected.

My front end loader arms bent badly for what I thought was something silly. It should have triggered the hyd pressure safety? TBD.

It came with grease fittings that were impossible to grease on the BH150 swing cylinders. Replaced.

BH150’s dipperstick hyd hose ruptured on me for no reason. Replaced.

Don’t try to unevenly place load on the bucket, the loader arms hate this.


4/5 so far. I only have a few hours into it, but it’s a world away from my 2510H. Frame size makes a big difference, and you can tell the difference in build quality. I don’t feel like it’s going to be constantly breaking under the loads I put it under. These are things like land clearing and light duty logging, which are both really hard on equipment.

If you are thinking of doing anything more than ultra light work, get a 15-series frame or larger. The 10 is good for things like cleaning barns and doing slaughter of sheep, and light dirt work. The 15 series frame is a lot more capable and honestly worth the extra money if you’re doing anything more substantial. I wish I would have bit the bullet and just purchased the larger tractor outright, I would have saved a lot of time and money.

For me, right now, this is the right tractor. Maybe one day I’ll get a bigger one, but with what I’m doing it works great.

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