Brenton Tarrant Wasn’t Completely Wrong

Brenton Tarrant at his sentencing

It’s the birthrates
It’s the birthrates
It’s the birthrates

Brenton Tarrant

Brenton Tarrant committed a terrorist attack against Al Noor Mosque, Christchurch on 15 March 2019, killing 51 Muslims.

There’s been a lot of discussion if Brenton Tarrant was Mossad or some other false flag from an intelligence agency, but I don’t think so. Reading his manifesto reveals that the attack on the mosque was meant to rile and wake up white people to the fact that they are being ethnically replaced on a grand scale through immigration. That probably wouldn’t be a goal of these agencies. There’s some things he was completely right about, and others I think he was shortsighted or misdirected about. I think he was low-IQ and let his anger get the best of him.

You can read the manifesto here if you’re interested in understanding his motivations, instead of just complaining about how offensive it is. The purpose is to study and understand the motivation behind a very successful mass killing. If you don’t like that sort of thing, maybe it’s important to you to address some grievances from a possibly violent part of the population instead of trying to pin them in a corner. That which is wild, when pinned into a corner, will strike.

I do not have a copy of the shooting video to share here, and don’t believe it adds much value to this analysis, although it’s pretty sick!

Where he was right

  • Mass immigration is a big problem for native white populations in western nations.
  • White families aren’t having enough children to keep up with the birth rates of the immigrants.
  • Democracy has failed to put the interests of the native populations first.
  • His positive goals for white people.
A reasonable statement that should not be controversial at all.

Where he was wrong

  • Birthrates
    • He didn’t talk about the role of birth control, or what group of people were responsible for pushing it.
    • He didn’t talk about the role of abortion, or what group of people were responsible for pushing it.
    • He didn’t talk about the change of western culture, or what group of people were responsible for changing it.
  • Small-scale terrorism (Accelerationism)
    • Doesn’t work and is anti-effective. This doesn’t solve the problems our society and culture has in the first place, that let the great replacement happen in the first place. It would have to be coordinated on a large scale, with the support of the majority of the population. This would require changing the culture, which is in the control of those who are pushing the replacement in the first place.
  • The role of ethnic Jewish influence on immigration policy. (Who let in the invaders?)
  • Lack of significant Christian motivation.
    • God has always kept people separated by their ethnic groups, referred to them by their groupings, and forbid them to intermingle except as a punishment for disobedience and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Maybe God is pushing us for disobedience with immigration (invaders) as a natural consequence for our own weakness.
    • He does have pro-Christian attitude in his manifesto, but does not see it as the solution to the problems: only that it vaguely aligns with his position. He was close to understanding that Christianity is the solution to the west’s problems. It had, for many centuries, ensured the survival of our people.

Where he succeeded

  • Killed 51+ invaders. (revenge goals)
  • Woke up a lot of white people to the fact that they are being replaced.
  • Brought more attention to the consequences of mass immigration for the immigrants if things continue.

Where he failed

  • There was no mass uprising like he had hoped. Maybe it hasn’t happened yet, but white people have a lot of control over their temper in general. It takes a LOT of pushing, as we are a very tolerant people. It’s the source of our weakness, and why we continue to let other ethnic groups abuse us.
  • To incite further violence against immigrants (invaders)
  • Got governments to overreach their arms of control, but there was little backlash against firearms seizures.
  • To encourage others to follow in his footsteps.


Brenton Tarrant was a low-IQ ethno-nationalist that had clear, surface level vision and a low inhibition for violence. He correctly addressed birthrates and immigration as problems for white nations, but did not address the causation for these symptoms. There’s not enough evidence that he is an agent of a government agency.

The solution to the grievances held by Brenton Tarrant is the King James Bible. Through an understanding of God’s Word, he would have realized that God wants and always has wanted people to fear and live righteously. In examples in the Bible, among their own kind. Propaganda pushed by evil people in the media and governments change the perception and interpretation of God’s Word to mean “meekness = weakness” instead of meekness as “great strength, reserved.” God’s people are meant to be strong and zealous.

“New” Bible versions, study books written by secular sources, news, weakened churches, and the promotion of degeneracy and anti-Christian materials by the governments and media are responsible for letting God’s Word become twisted to perversion.

The only questions are:
Who is responsible for these things?
Who pushes mass immigration?
Who spews anti-white rhetoric?
Who hates Christians and Jesus Christ with a passion?
Who influences white women to kill their babies?
Who influences white women to not want families?
Who influences white men to not want to support families?
Who influences white people to become fags, through pornography?

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