First Job

I landed my first job restoring an old saloon/resturant in New River, Arizona. I was 16 and dressed like a faggot, but wore by best shirt. He told me that I needed to change because I’d ruin it.

I did things like pressure washing 3 year old grease out from commercial stoves, patching drywall, and modifying equipment to fit into the place.

I made $8 an hour, and purchased my first computer with that, an i7-2600k and a GTX 560(?) so I could play Skyrim in 2012.

The business went under shortly after because the owner was a cheapskate and always went the cheapest-crappiest possible way. He did call a couple times asking for help, but I was about to join the Navy and was getting ready to go.

I remember I was helping my mom fill a pool up that she bought – walmart special – and beacause of that it stressed the well’s holding tank, and the well itself, so she had to order a water truck to fill it up.

That place was at 3840 W Jenny Lin road, and the restaurant was just up the street. I did a lot of work to that place as a teenager: clearing cactus and dumping it on county land, turning the garage into a living space (my bedroom), and helping move the water system precharge tank outside.

In my bedroom before we moved the tank, it would go off very loud whenever anyone used a toilet. So when mom took a shit in the middle of the night I got a wakening! My bed was right next to it too, and the water heater with a mechanical timer of some sort that clicked like the devil.

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