Highway Crash

Today there was an overturned truck on Highway 20 before the Deception Pass bridge, and I was right there. We were coming back from church, I got out of my truck and pulled a young girl from the rear passenger seat after making sure she was ok. Someone else got to the other girl, and the (supposedly) father was rummaging around in the driver seat looking for his phone, instead of trying to help his kids.

I told him that I would take pictures for his insurance company and that he can get his phone later, and he needs to get out of the truck and see his daughters.

He told me that his parents were going to kill him for wrecking their truck, and I told him “who gives a shit, you and your daughters are alive.”

From what I could barely see, he seemed like some worn out drug-loving weirdo that hit every bad-choice-branch while falling down the tree of life. This crash was probably God’s last warning for him to straighten out.

Why are people like this? So concerned about garbage things like cell phones and papers that they don’t even want to check on their kids? What killed this familial bond? Drugs? Probably. Who provided the drugs? Who manufactured the drugs? Who invented them? Who put this guy in such a situation where he might use them?

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