Partnering with us

As a local sheep farm

We are always looking to turn what would be waste into something beautiful. We are open to purchase skins no matter who slaughters your animals, Del Fox, USDA, or even if you do it yourself. The price we are willing to pay for your skins is determined by the health of the animal, the cleanliness of the wool, and quality of the skinning. To get the most out of your skins as a sale to us, we recommend scheduling with Pat from Del Fox custom butchers.

As a local store to Whidbey Island and Skagit

Generally we are already working with people we know and trust, but are open to new opportunities as they arise. Know that our Dinsmoor Sheepskins are premium products, and carry a premium price. Feel free to use our website as basis for MSRP.

As a distributor

If you are looking to take our skins and market them to other geographies, we are interested in exploring those opportunities. Please contact us.

As an accessory supplier

If you want us to sell your products along side ours, they need to meet tight criteria:

  • 100% Made In USA
  • High Quality
  • Relevant to Sheepskin care

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