Sheepskin – Grade B


This is a Grade B Dinsmoor Sheepskin rug in a color of your choice. So you know what you’re getting, make sure you read: About Our Sheepskins  

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Read: About Our Sheepskins

Grade B Sheepskins

Grade B skins have some minor defect that would otherwise prevent it from being graded “A”. This is either because of a minor defect in the leather, such as a lightly greasy area, an extra thick neck, or a hole far from the edge that could not be trimmed off without significantly shrinking the skin.

Usually sheepskins are Grade B because the fleece has too much debris around the neck and back from being a hay-fed sheep, and we could not justify spending many hours getting it clean enough. We do try to clean every sheepskin to a minimum amount free of debris, but we stop after a certain amount of time. After that time if the fleece is still filled with a significant amount of debris, it is labeled Grade B. Sometimes when we have extra time we will continue cleaning these and they will be upgraded to Grade A.

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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in

Creme, Mocha, Spotted


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