Mocha Sheepskin


This is a luxurious mocha color pelt, best used in the winter as a seat cushion, for sleeping on, for children, or for making your own sheepskin hats. It can even be used as decoration.

Available finishes are in natural, a light brush, or a heavy brush.

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Measures around 3ft x 2.2ft

This sheepskin was made by hand on Whidbey Island, Washington, USA by Tyler Dinsmoor, Owner and Operator of Dinsmoor Sheepskins, LLC. All premium materials used in production were sourced directly from the United States.

What to expect:
Because each one of these are made by hand, please know that it is impossible to remove all debris, every piece of dirt, and every tangle. We recommend you start with a natural finish, and brush to your liking. Some like the shaggy fleece of a “natural, right off the sheep” finish, and others like the hyper-processed and trimmed cotton-ball fleece as expected of mass manufacture. Once it is brushed out, it won’t return to it’s natural state, so we generally don’t brush it so that way our customers can have the exact balance of warmth and style they desire, unless you otherwise specify.

If you make a purchase and we are out of stock, you will be notified and added to a fulfilment queue, and given regular updates until your sheepskin is shipped.

  • Natural Finish is a shaggy wool that looks almost like it came off the sheep. It can be brushed at home to your desired poofiness.
  • A light brush gets out the tangles at the end of the fleece, and offers a soft touch.
  • A heavy brush is extremely poofy, and is only really suitable for shorter fleeces. It is the most warm.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Wool Finish

Heavily Brushed, Lightly Brushed, Natural Locks


  1. Alanna

    I love my sheepskin rug and love supporting small businesses. These rugs are cozy and well made and look great wherever you put them around the house! My kids loved to lay on it because of how soft it was.

  2. Michelle Salazar

    I love my mocha sheepskin. It’s a comfortable and warm lining for my favorite chair and it gives the room a sense of rustic charm. It inspires a perfect sense of coziness and well-being.

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