Shepherd’s Camp Knife


A sturdy knife.
Made to order.
Optional: Sheath

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This blade was made at the tannery shop. They are made-to-order.

These are very tough utilitarian knives, suitable for everyday carry. These knives are not meant to sit in a display case.
These are usually made from O1 carbon steel, which is excellent for this purpose if you can heat treat it properly, which we do since we have the proper equipment.

The handles are made of cherry I cut down 5 years ago, pinned with quarter inch bronze pins, and epoxied together. The handle finish is buffed, not coated. The shape is generally squarish, to allow for easy indexing with a thumb, allowing a firm grip.

The dark blade finish is directly from the oil quench, a black oxide, improving corrosion resistance.

Care consists of mineral or olive oil, and keeping the blade sharp. They come with a basic edge to can adjust to your liking, not razor sharp.

A custom fit sheath may be purchased with this knife here: Knife Sheath

Although that is the default configuration for my knives, I can make them generally however you like, such as a hollow pin for a leather chord, or a small deviation in blade shape and handle length. If you want one of these deviations, make sure to let me know before I start working on it. For custom work outside of the scope of this knife, please make a Custom Work Request.

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Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 2 in