Shipping Locations

This shipping policy is only for the lower 48 United States. We generally do not ship to other locations due to logistical and administrative difficulties, but if you contact us we may be able to make a special exception. For Alaska, see the next section.

Alaska Shipping

We will ship to Alaska, but the buyer much choose the flat rate shipping regardless if their order qualified for free shipping. If the buyer chooses free shipping, the buyer will be contacted to correct this, otherwise the order will be cancelled.

Shipping Costs

Orders valued over $200 are eligible for free shipping.

With all other orders needing shipment, you will be charged a flat rate of $12.55, and we will pay the remainder.

Local pickup is available for local customers, and this is also free of charge.

Shipping Time

You should expect to see it delivered within two weeks from time of purchase. This time is dependent on the carrier, but normal shipping times for most carriers in the United States is under a week for delivery. We may need a day or two to pack and ship your purchase.

Backordered Sheepskins

If you purchased a sheepskin on backorder, we will notify you when:

  • Your Order is Placed
  • A sheepskin is being processed for your order
  • Your sheepskin is shipped

This may take several weeks to months, depending on the availability of sheepskins matching your request and the time it takes to process a skin. Since all of our sheep come from Whidbey Island, and our farmers have their own schedule, we are at the mercy of their schedule. You are free to cancel your order at any time before shipment.