SV3C IP Camera Issues

Camera unreachable after changing settings

Camera’s model numbers: SV-B01POE-1080P-L, SV-D02POE-1080P-L but I’m sure it’d work with many similar models from SV3C.

This happens (at least with my experimentation) when you try to change more than one setting that requires a reboot at a time. For example, if you change the main stream and PAL/NTSC (both require a reboot to take effect), then the settings change will fail and the camera will become unreachable.

I found out how to do a reset on the camera after it was unreachable via http on port 80, or via ONIVF, or via the video link port. I use the camera with Zoneminder, and really need them to work!

The tool provided by the manufacturer didn’t work for me, and also it was in Chinese. Using Netcat, I found that the only open port was Telnet on port 23. After doing some snooping, I found the program vs_server is responsible for managing all of the above, and was confirmed not running by having nothing at $ cat /tmpfs/
(I have a good working camera to poke around in.)
Then I just searched the filesystem for the backend to the web UI’s “reset” or “restore to factory defaults”, and located that in /bin/vslocal/cgi-bin/

Follow the steps below to reset your camera:

  1. $ telnet address_of_camera
  2. Username ‘root’, password ‘cat1029’
  3. $ cd /bin/vslocal/cgi-bin/ && ./
  4. $ reboot

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