Experimentation in Post-Processing of Sulphonic Acid Tanned Leather for Improvements in Durability and Rigidity

Purpose This is a living post, documenting experimentation with hair-off skins that have been preserved with a Sulphonic Acid based tanning agent, for the purpose of getting better results for derived leather products such as wallets, holsters, and other products requiring material rigidity and wear resistance. Background: What is Leather? Leather is the preserved and… Continue reading Experimentation in Post-Processing of Sulphonic Acid Tanned Leather for Improvements in Durability and Rigidity

Custom Tanning

If you wish to have us do custom tanning for you, firstly you must properly preserve the skins in accordance with our Preservation Instructions. By mail, we can only accept dry salted pelts for custom tanning. If you do not promptly preserve the skins, we are not responsible for failure to tan. We will know… Continue reading Custom Tanning

Wool Care

Our wool items require special handling, as with all 100% wool items. Hand wash with wool-safe detergent, we use Eucalan or Unicorn Fibre Wash for our wool washing at home. You can hand wash by filing a basin with warm water, immersing the scarf, and gently squeezing the knit to allow it to soak up… Continue reading Wool Care

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT MAKES A DINSMOOR SHEEPSKINS DIFFERENT? They are made in America. They are made by hand. They are genuine Pacific Northwest sheepskins. We are a small Christian family business, a husband and wife. This is not a mass-produced and distributed product like almost all of our competitors. Most of our competitors import their sheepskins from… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions

Care Instructions

Your Dinsmoor Sheepskin has been tanned to a high degree of quality, and needs very little maintenance outside of cleaning. When the wool becomes depressed from use or filled with debris from outdoor use, simply brush it with a pet “slicker” brush. When the leather gets dirty, simply wipe and rub with a warm damp… Continue reading Care Instructions

Partnering With Us

Dinsmoor Sheepskins is always looking towards the future, including the building of tools, infrastructure, training, and sourcing of materials. We offer an opportunity to those inclined to engage with us in a professional manner as independent contractors (hereafter referred to as a “partner”). We are currently accepting applications for the following part-time partnerships. Please fill… Continue reading Partnering With Us