This agreement is between Dinsmoor Sheepskins LLC (also known as “WE”, “US”, “SELLER”, “MANUFACTURER”, or “TANNER”) and the Buyer (also known as “YOU”, “CUSTOMER”). Second-hand purchasers of Dinsmoor Sheepskins LLC products have no relation to this agreement and any warranty, and thereby can place no claim against US.


Dinsmoor Sheepskins LLC has no liability at all in any case where a product was used and damages, discomfort, harm, injury, death, or any negative consequence occurred or may occur. YOU forfeit any right to claim or suit, or any other matter in the court of law. YOU are responsible for your own safety. WE are not responsible for your safety. WE are not responsible for carrier’s failure of delivery, product loss, or damage. WE are not responsible for any CUSTOMER’s allergic reaction, intolerance, or other discomfort resulting from use of the products.


The TRD logo is a protected trademark to mark genuine sheepskins and related products sold and distributed by Dinsmoor Sheepskins LLC and by Tyler Dinsmoor.

Normal and Natural Use of Sheepskins

Normal use is defined as use that would not generally place the sheepskin in danger of destruction or damage. A sheepskin is an indoor comfort product, normally used as a throw on furniture, the seats of vehicles, slept on, or as a decorative rug or foot rest area.

Exposure to animals, such as pets, wild animals, pests, or other beasts is not considered normal use. Direct exposure to the elements or extreme environmental conditions is not considered normal use, such as leaving a skin out in the rain.

Generally, absent of latent defect which is covered by warranty, most of the wool fibers will stay rooted in the skin, and not pull out with ease. It is natural to lose some wool when brushing. It is NOT natural for bald spots to occur.

It is natural as the weather dries for the sheepskin to stiffen slightly. It is NOT natural for a sheepskin to severely harden to an extreme when it is kept indoors, away from continuous direct sunlight and extreme temperatures and humidity.

Fungal growth is a constant threat with any leather product and is not covered under Warranty.


YOU agree to not file any fraudulent or frivolous warranty claims.

YOU understand our warranty here: WARRANTY

Returns and Refunds

Merchandise return for a refund are accepted and issued if the product arrives in a salable condition within 90 days of purchase, at the sole discretion of the Manufacturer. The Buyer is responsible for return shipping, and understand that if the product being returned is not in salable condition then a reduced refund will be issued, or no refund at all. A small restocking fee may apply. If the product is determined to be unsalable, then the Customer will be given the option to have the product shipped back to them, at the Customer’s expense.

Cancellations and Refunds

Purchased merchandise may be cancelled before shipment at no expense to the Customer, and will be refunded in full. Exceptions to this is in the case where the Manufacturer is unable to obtain a refund for shipping and/or handling services, such as the cost of a shipping label or the cost of packaging materials wasted in preparation for shipment.

Changes to this agreement

Dinsmoor Sheepskins LLC reserves the right to change this agreement at any time without notice to it’s customers, and the revised agreement takes effect when published. Any claims against the Manufacturer regarding a prior version of this agreement must be made while the prior version is published.


An order is fulfilled when it has been paid for by the Customer, and either the Customer has the order or the order has been handed off to a carrier for delivery. At this point, the Manufacturer is absolved of all duties and obligations related to the transaction except for routine customer service.

Customer Service

All customer service avenues are available as “best effort” in terms of coverage, responsiveness, quality, and accuracy. The most reliable way to acquire reliable customer service is over the phone or via email. Social media is not a reliable way, and not a preferred method of customer service. Customers are encouraged to use phone or email to resolve issues.


From time to time, the Manufacturer will accept limited backorders during times of supply shortages. From the time the order has been placed to the time it has been fulfilled, a full refund may be issued. In the case of a long wait time, the order may be canceled by the Manufacturer, or the Customer will be contacted to ask their preference. The Seller may open and close backorders against stock at any time, without notification.