Tool Review: DeWalt Cordless Air Inflator DCC020IB

Filling a low tire on a car I don’t have anymore

TL;DR: A+, 10/10, wouldn’t go on a trip without it.

This little thing kicks ass and has a bunch of options and features on it. Select your desired PSI and go! The built-in flashlight is alright I guess if you don’t have another one.

The tire fill hose is very nice quality and after pumping 2 truck tires to 90psi it barely got warm. It works in hot and cold weather, operates QUICKLY, and the brass threaded tip of the tire fill hose is a breeze to thread onto the tire stem.

Hose stowage is superb, they don’t go anywhere if you aren’t using them.

It’s rugged: I dropped it several times (it vibrates and moves a bit when it’s filling).

It lasts a LONG time for many fills on a single battery.

Probably one of my favorite non-workshop tools DeWalt makes.

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