I mainly work with animal skins: preparing and tanning. I can tan yours, or sell you one from my stock (when they come along). I’m not a professional taxidermist, but I have made several hides at high quality. Before you slaughter your animal, have a plan to freeze, salt, or deliver to me within a couple hours. Cool the hide ASAP.

For more information about animal products, see the page about it here.

I have a small blacksmith forge that I can make basic tools and decorative parts with.

I also do ‘classes’ where I teach others what I know.

Send me an email to request a class to contact@dinsmoor.us. Include the following information:

  • Who will be attending (ages)
  • Desired Lesson (blacksmithing, basic welding, hide tanning, animal husbandry)
  • When you would like to have the lesson done.