Washing Sheepskins

We recommend dry cleaning. If you decide to wet wash your sheepskin, it is at your own risk and voids you warranty.

If you would like to purchase one of my sheepskins, please see my store.

Hand wash your sheepskin only when noticeably soiled, in cold water. Submerge the entire skin in the water, and let sit for no more than 10 minutes. Rinse the skin with cold water, and then use your hands or a rolling pin to squeeze out the excess water.

To dry, first run it in your washing machine in a spin/drain cycle. Then lay it over a wooden rod or clothesline away from direct sunlight, or over the back of a chair, or flat on the ground with the fleece down, skin up. As it dries, at least twice a day you will need to stretch the skin back into shape, as if you don’t it will harden and shrink. Do not put any sheepskin product into a tumble drier, except for 5 minutes on the lowest possible heat setting to help dehydrate the fleece.. As the sheepskin naturally dries, brush with a coarse brush or animal comb. Never apply any sort of heat source to the skin, and let it dry at ambient temperature and humidity. This process can take several days to a couple weeks depending on your climate.

There is no guarantee that any washable sheepskin will be identical in quality after being washed. Issues such as shrinking and hardening are unavoidable characteristics of any leather or wool based product, and a Dinsmoor sheepskin is no exception. To be washable means that as a tanned product, the skin will not go rancid as a raw skin would if washed after drying. Wet washing voids the warranty, because if you do this process incorrectly, that is out of our control.

If you would like to purchase one of my sheepskins, please see my store.

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