Wool Care

Our wool items require special handling, as with all 100% wool items.

Hand wash with wool-safe detergent, we use Eucalan or Unicorn Fibre Wash for our wool washing at home. You can hand wash by filing a basin with warm water, immersing the scarf, and gently squeezing the knit to allow it to soak up water. Let it rest for ten minutes and drain the basin. Gently squeeze water from the knit and refill the basin with warm water again. It’s important to keep the temperatures the same so you don’t accidently shock the fiber and cause felting. However, some people chose to felt their knitted scarves. Don’t fret! if you felt your scarf, it’s OK! Add in your wool-safe detergent and squeeze the knit to allow the soap to enter the fiber. Don’t agitate! Let rest for thirty minutes and repeat the first step to rinse the soap from the knit. Gently squeeze the water from the scarf and lay it on a towel. Roll the scarf with the towel and gently step on the towel to squeeze the water from it. Lay the scarf our to dry on a flat surface. It may take 1-2 days depending on your climate. If your scarf curls in on itself, you can place a sheet of baking parchment over the scarf, and iron flat with the wool setting temperature.

When storing your scarf long-term, we find it easiest to seal it in a plastic bag with a sachet of lavender or piece of cedar wool. This repels pests and keeps the scarf fresh, unfortunately critters love wool and if you leave it in the closet hanging it may attract them.